Elder Scrolls Online boss thinks “very few people” would play a Morrowind-style open world these days because teams have to “support” two types of players

According to Matt Firor, the boss of ZeniMax Online and director of Elder Scrolls Online, gamers are becoming more accustomed to open worlds full of map markers, checklists, breadcrumbs that lead to objectives and a whole host of other useful options, making a game in the style of Morrowind unfeasible for a major studio.

In a great article with Rock Paper Shotgun about how to save the open world, Firor argues that if a company were to release a game like Morrowind today – a game without a GPS-like guide and requiring players to find quests with bits of information like “‘go to the third tree on the right and walk 50 paces’” – then “nobody would play it… very few people would play it, so now you have to give them hints and clues.”

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