‘Hawk Tuah Girl’: How Much Hailey Welch Makes From Her NYC Performances

Hailey Welch, also known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl,” earns thousands of dollars from her public appearances in New York City. The 23-year-old rose to fame after her street interview with Tim & Dee TV went viral. Welch’s controversial sex advice – “Hawk Tuah and spit on that thing” – created a buzz on social media. Not only is Welch enjoying her newfound fame, but she’s also making a ton of money!

How much does the Hawk Tuah girl earn?

The Hawk Tuah girl claimed her parents found her viral video funny because they knew she could say anything. (X@planbriuncut)

Welch will make three New York City appearances, including the iconic Memory Motel pop-up, which is worth more than $30,000 in total, according to the New York Post. The viral sensation will host a day-long event at the famed East Village venue on Saturday, July 13. Tickets for the fan meet and greet will cost between $45 and $55.

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The outlet adds that Welch will also be making stops at the Ugly Duckling in Long Beach and Bull Smith’s Tavern in Smithtown. The New York City jaunts come just a week after Zach Bryan performed “Hawk Tuah Girl” during his Nashville concert. Welch took the stage at Nissan Stadium as part of the 28-year-old singer’s The Quittin’ Time Tour.

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For her first major event, where she joined Bryan for his performance of fan-favorite song Revival, Welch was dressed in a cowboy ensemble. She held a beer in her hand and wore a white crop top with matching ripped denim shorts. She paired the look with white knee-high cowboy boots and a large hat.

Welch has also signed with a music management company, The Penthouse, whose founder, Jonnie Forster, told the Hollywood Reporter in a statement: “The world has gone crazy for Haliey! I’m thrilled our team can help pilot this spaceship. All the podcasters are right, spend five minutes with her and you’ll see why she’s America’s sweetheart.”

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